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Drum Sync Academy is the #1 professional drum education facility in the Inland Empire. DSA offers pro drum classes, electives, sessions, and drum clinics. This is not just drum lessons, this is a drum education. Learn, Refine, Innovate Your Passion!

DSA Christmas GIGS!!!


IMPORTANT: The DSA Christmas GIG will be part of our last session of the year. The DSA gig will count as a lesson. This event allows DSA to have our 4 lessons in a session and a WEEK OFF FOR CHRISTMAS (Dec.24-28 DSA Closed)!

The DSA Team and DSA Instructors have ALREADY selected what drummers will be playing at our TWO GIGS!

  • “FOL - 2018 Gig” = Riverside Festival Of Lights

    • Friday, December 14th / 8pm-10:30pm = Riverside, Main-stage!

  • “DSA Christmas Bash”

    • Saturday, December 15th / 3:30pm-5:30pm @ Drum Sync Academy Stage Outside!

We have OVER 60+ DRUMMERS playing at our DSA Christmas Gig events. We ENCOURAGE ALL DSA DRUMMERS AND FAMILIES TO COME TO BOTH EVENTS AND CHEER-ON EACH OTHER. This takes a lot for each drummer and DSA team to do and put together! ~ Thank You


3 Lessons + 1 Gig = 4 Drum-Awesomeness! *
The Drummer Rocking Christmas! *
The Drummer Rocking Christmas!

Once confirmed, you will receive an email of Gig Details!

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