Drum Sync Academy


Drum Sync Academy, the professional drum education facility in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. DSA offers pro drum classes, electives, sessions, and drum clinics. This is not just drum lessons, this is a drum education. Learn, Refine, Innovate Your Passion!

A quick look at a DSA Youth Drum Starter Class. These DSA Drummers have been playing for only three months here at DSA!


This is a DSA GIG!!! And they are simply gigs, shows, a concert. When you take a DSA drum class  you get enrolled/booked for a gig! It's why we all started/play music, it's to play!  A DSA GIG CONSISTS of only one drummer getting up on stage(s) at a time and rocking/killing/bashing/grooving/playing to their personally selected track. That's been fine tuned and practiced/rehearsed to drum-pro-fection! 

®2017 Drum Sync Academy by Kyle Schweikhard