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Drum Sync Academy is the #1 professional drum education facility in the Inland Empire. DSA offers pro drum classes, electives, sessions, and drum clinics. This is not just drum lessons, this is a drum education. Learn, Refine, Innovate Your Passion!


DSA Sessions - Lessons are by the pack *
Drum Sync Academy "DSA" operates on a Drum Session Calendar system. DSA does not do monthly or individual lessons. Our DSA Session Does Not equal or represent a month. Session Calendar: A Full Session is 8 weeks and a Split Session is 4 weeks.
Enrollment & Fee's *
ENROLLMENT & FEES Tuition is due at the time of enrollment and thereafter on the 4th lesson of the DSA Drum Session calendar. If payments are not received before the session begins the student may be dropped/removed from our roster or charged the late fee. Tuition payment is required in order to reserve your time for the following drum session. LATE FEE: Payments are considered late if not received the week prior to the start of the session. A $25 late fee will be automatically applied to a student’s account for past due balances."
Withdrawal & Credit *
WITHDRAWAL & REFUND: DSA does not do refunds: DSA cannot accept a verbal notice. Ending lessons or taking a break, notification must be given in writing to the office on or before the 4th lesson to ensure no charges/late fees are applied. CREDITED In the event of taking a break after the drum session has been paid, payment can only be credited to a future drum session upon the students return within a Full Session ONLY(8 weeks). This can only be applied to a complete drum session and if no lessons were rendered(if you have not had a lesson of the new session). We cannot split up a 4 week drum session, Taking a break midway through the session will result in forfeited lessons and no credit can be given.
Lesson "Absence" *
LESSON “ABSENCE”: Out of courtesy, students/parents should notify the office of any absence for any reason. However, this does not exempt the student from payment. There will be no makeup lessons for any drummers absence. DSA is committed to pay the instructor for the time you have scheduled; therefore this policy is strictly enforced. // We are working hard at obtaining DSA Drum Lesson Videos for missed lessons.
Communication *
COMMUNICATION: Our instructors come to work ready to rock with you/the drummer. This is not only your time but theirs as well. We would greatly appreciate the courtesy of informing the office if you/your drummer will not be making it to a lesson so we may notify your instructor. In the event your DSA instructor cannot attend their scheduled lessons, a DSA sub will be provided. DSA Educators/Engineers/Producers are working pro musicians. Therefore, DSA reserves the right to cancel a Class/PDI in the event that Concerts/Gigs/Recording Sessions arise. Pro musicians are required to appear by their endorsement companies. A DSA professional musician teaches and performs. DSA is a professional studio: studio time, consulting, recording, drum events, have equal value and impact the DSA Calendar.
Conduct *
CONDUCT: To maintain, a professional, respectful, safe, productive, efficient, drumming environment, all drummers/parents/family-members/friends/guests, are not allowed to act in a way, or use, vulgar, disrespectful, condescending language towards other DSA Customers, Staff or Instructors. DSA instructors are here to teach and play drums, not to discipline! Drummers under 13 years old in DSA Classes, must have a parent/guardian present, sitting in venue room. Drummers enrolled in DSA P.D.I. parent/guardian must be present in DSA lounge. It is required that drummers/parents speak with DSA staff on any issues. If there are problems or concerns it should be brought to the attention of DSA office/administrative only. DSA staff/instructors have permission to excuse a drummer at any time during a class/PDI if they are being disruptive.
DSA SOCIAL MEDIA: Photo/Video Waiver: DSA’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) Please be aware, if you do “Opt-Out”, you/the drummer may still appear in a group photo per DSA classes/events.
Disabilities and Special Needs
DISABILITIES AND SPECIAL NEEDS: Please inform the instructor/office of any disabilities (learning or physical) or special needs you/the drummer may have. Our goal is to teach in an environment that is enjoyable and comfortable for the drummer!
Drummer Name *
Drummer Name
Parent Name (if drummer is under 18yrs)
Parent Name (if drummer is under 18yrs)
"I have read and agree with the “DSA terms”
I Have Read and Agree With "DSA Terms" *
I understand the DSA terms above.

DSA operates as a business with terms and policies which have been created by DSA. Drummers/customers that have signed the terms have agreed and have understanding of terms & conditions. DSA protects the right of all musicians, drummers, and property in the studio. DSA has exclusive rights to change, move, close, to serve or not serve customers. DSA has ultimate decision of terminating DSA enrollment/agreement of lessons.

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